Guangdong Chaozhou Weilun Sanitary Ware Co., Ltd. is an industrial enterprise which specializes in the production, development and sale of ceramic products. After years of hard work, the company has become an advanced model in the field of technical equipment, production equipment, manufacturing technology, product development, technical personnel and modern management. Mold is the first enterprise in the mind of consumers.

Insist on continuous innovation and development, the company launched a series of ceramic products, both in environmental protection function and beautiful appearance, are well received by people from all walks of life, perfect after-sales service is ironic of the trust of consumers.

Our company has always pursued high quality, high level, so that users enjoy a healthy, comfortable life as the goal, the company will always be in line with the "science and technology as the guide, talent as the root, quality of survival, reputation for development" business development strategy, in line with market demand, continuous innovation, sincerely and new and old customers at home and abroad Jointly grasp business opportunities, create a better blueprint.


  • Intelligent toilet
  • Connected toilet
  • Urine
  • Squatting pan
  • Children's series
  • Art Basin
  • Basin
  • Pedestal Basin
  • Mop tub


By increasing the pipeline, increasing the instantaneous water volume and preventing clogging.


Using sanitary ware to create a new feeling of bathroom

Take the popular two types of apartments, solo and townhouse, for example, the general area of the toilet is very small, design up to a certain degree of difficulty; and luxury townhouse toilet, although very large, often because the residents put too much things, and appear cluttered, resulting in visual congestion.

  • Simple and frivolous into the mainstream of current bathroom products
    With the improvement of people"s living standards, the rise of young consumer groups, especially after the "80, 90" has become the main force of consumption
  • What skills do you have to buy toilets?
    he heavier the toilet, the better the average toilet weight is about 50 Jin, and the good toilet is about 100 Jin.

Simple and frivolous into the mainstream of current bathroom products


With the improvement of people's living standards, the rise of young consumer groups, especially after the "80, 90" has become the main force of consumption, personalization has become the label bathroom of this generation is no longer the only use of the shower, but an important space to enjoy life and reflect personal taste.

Times are changing, trends are changing, markets are changing, you live in busy and crowded cities, in this vibrant May, which bathroom popular worthy of attention?

From this year's Frankfurt Bathroom Show, although there is no shocking new technology and products, but the details of the treatment is very thoughtful, showing human concern. This year's new bathroom design trend toward simplicity is even more obvious: bathtubs, washbasins, etc. are flat lines, simple geometric modeling, without any excessive decoration; and toilets, covers are approaching to the same light and thin.

This year highlights the "bathroom design sense" of many of these new products, basins, storage cabinets, bathtubs, toilets, etc. can be matched into the same color, but also to ensure that the right not gaudy. In addition, the bathroom began to move from a single purpose to a combination of decoration and versatile. Including TOTO, Kohler, Arrow, Huida, Heng Jie and so on, these large brands at home and abroad all provide a diversified product line of integral bathroom, whether it is intelligent toilet, water-saving urinal, bathtub with spa massage function, small sauna room with dry steaming and wet steaming and so on, let people feel the humanistic and artistic flavor of the bathroom.

With perfect design, strict product testing process and perfect after-sales service, we provide customers with excellent quality bathroom products!


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